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One Page Business Plan®

Leaders have a responsibility to guarantee meaning and purpose. Executing strategy depends upon executives and team members on the front line being clear about the organization’s priorities and how they must act to achieve the stated objectives. To be successful leaders, executives need to be as diligent in guiding strategy execution as they are at setting and communicating strategic direction. It all starts with a plan. Whitewater Group coaches and facilitates an innovative approach to business planning. We capture the essence of any business, project or program on a single page using key words and short phrases. The process requires rigorous, strategic thinking. Clients are coached on how to communicate precisely. One Page Plans facilitate solid decision making. Processes or initiatives that are not critical or strategic to the business are flushed out. What’s left becomes a blueprint for critical review, dialog and decision.



Time Management

Emails, meetings and finding digital documents now consume at least 70% of the average professional’s day. They report that 30% of this time is wasted, which equates to a staggering 1.7 hours per day or over $12,000 per year in lost productivity per worker. Whitewater Group focuses like a laser on the biggest inefficiencies that, when minimized, result in the biggest productivity gains. We have five core programs that address time management, meetings, email, organization and technology. We delivery these as e-modules, live webinars or classroom live training. Our programs are popular. 98% of all participants say that it’s been a great use of their time. All our programs are targeted, compact, practical and proven – all backed with a digital sustainability system. Think you might not have time to have another program to offer? We do the internal marketing, launch, attendance tracking and ROI measurement.



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 Propelling Sales

The Whitewater Group approach to selling is all about influence.
Whitewater Group offers a workshop designed to help salespeople gain knowledge and the skills to develop trusting and influential customer relationships – to differentiate themselves by the way they do business. A customer’s willingness to be influenced is a function of the salesperson’s ability to add value and the quality of their relationship with the customer. How does a sales person truly add value? By deciding to take that stance in all their interactions with their customers. By understanding what value is to this customer - in all its forms. By combining domain expertise and experience with deep and authentic curiosity about the customer and the challenges. By focusing their discovery on the customer’s full solution to their problem – not just on the product they want the customer to buy. And by understanding that adding that value helps to create a relationship characterized by two things – trust and influence. Our program helps salespeople understand the buyer’s point of view in the buying process and teaches hard and fast skills for developing relationships in which the sales person can influence the customer’s perception of the problem and the differentiated advantages of your solution.



Communicating and Coaching

The Whitewater Team specializes in helping employees get ahead, get along and build strong relationships through effective communication. The best managers and leaders are good at communicating expectations, providing feedback and holding people accountable for results. Whitewater helps leader and managers learn, apply and practice how to
• set clear expectations,
• provide direct, honest feedback and
• reward performance that exceeds expectations and hold people accountable for performance does not.
Wonder why, in many everyday situations, sometimes we seem to excel, and at other times unravel?
• Think communication.
• Think relationships.

In the big picture of human interaction, people won’t be influenced by us, or collaborate with us if they aren’t comfortable with the way we come across personally and professionally.
Whitewater delivers the skills, insights and understanding needed to communicate with others in a way that is strongly linked to career and business success.



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Team Dynamics

The dynamics of any team may differ slightly, but one thing remains true: It’s difficult to get full participation and productivity from everyone. When decisions must be made, prioritizing and reaching consensus can be time consuming and frustrating. Whitewater group uses a group-decision support system to quickly help participants focus their collective energy. In the process, they identify opportunities that provide the greatest payoff for the actions taken. Interested in building team dynamics and uncovering leaders in the rough? Whitewater Group uses a series of innovative, fun methods and tools to stimulate creativity, performance and communication.


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The Whitewater Group approach to negotiation helps companies strengthen their bottom line by having salespeople hold their ground in tough negotiations when a win-win strategy will not work.

Learning Objectives

• Make smaller and fewer concessions.

• Make concessions only in return for offsetting concessions from customers.

• Prioritize concessions based on the least cost to salesperson’s company and the most value to the customer.

• Enhance relationships with negotiation partners and rely less on position power.

• Tie corporate strategy to in-the-field pricing decisions.

• Protect crucial company interests while maintaining relationships.

• Effectively differentiate and communicate the value salesperson’s company brings to the customer.



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