The Whitewater Group customized and delivered a negotiation training program to 650 employees in 44 states – all in one year.

“...They made it very clear in the beginning that it wasn’t about them, their products or services – it was about United Healthcare. Whitewater Group consultants were able to work with senior leadership on a regular basis. We had a return of investment that exceeded our goal. They are now one of our top training and development consulting firms...”

Build the best in your company as you navigate the changing business environment. The Whitewater Group will consult with your organization to focus mission and vision around business needs. They will design training programs that focus on learning and development for leadership, sales, customer service and teams, and create one page business plans that turn strategy into pragmatic measurable objectives and action plans.


This is no place for the uncommitted unfocused or unskilled.

Low performance has little value here.

It's no place for amateurs.

Out here, strength of leadership counts.




Winning requires launching and executing
successive growth strategies.

Strategic intent centers on the pursuit of growth –
not fear of failure.






Expertise, collaboration and accountability matter. 

Everyone contributes, moving forward in the context of opportunity.

Each employee brings his or her best talent, know how and energy.






Change is opportunity.

Execution is critical.

This is no place for survival mentality. For waiting and wondering what to do next.

This is a time and place where rewards come from full involvement, alignment and the capability to deliver.


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