Managing with Vision


This is no place for the uncommitted unfocused or unskilled.
Low performance has little value here.
It's no place for amateurs.


Out here, strength of leadership counts.

Strength built on communicating expectations, helping others grow by providing feedback – and through it all, holding them accountable. Engaging others to believe that they have something within their personal power to contribute – and helping them find ways to “make it so.”


The best leaders don’t ask, “Are we getting better?”

They ask, “How good can we get?”


What are you asking?



Nissan Case Study

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From Our Clients

"I want to especially take note of the supervisory skills development services they have provided. We reviewed their extensive leadership offering and selected a foundational program to launch their development. I believe a number of the participants gained significant insight and reset their targets for person and professional growth.

"The module on motivation was apparently eye-opening for our supervisors and supervisor candidates. It helped them understand the importance of individual motivation and to realize that you can’t just treat individuals as members of a group. I believe that the focus on providing effective coaching, based on what motivates the individual, took a number of our people to a new level of sophistication in their thinking.

"The service that Mike and his company provide is complete. They have guided us as we improve every area of our business: customer service, leadership and organizational effectiveness.

"I couldn't think of a better partner to help us achieve our goals. ”

- Irene Shapiro


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