Moving Forward in the Context of Opportunity.


Expertise, collaboration and accountability matter.
Everyone contributes.
Each employee brings talent, know how and energy.
They stretch, endure, and grow - and in that process become better
with each new challenge.


The rapid shift to information-centered jobs has created a renewed focus on productivity. Businesses need workers who can produce more, faster, smarter, better products and services with fewer resources. Major obstacles to increased productivity work against this goal.


These top three business and organizational processes are wasteful, poorly managed and broken.

Each year, the average employee:

• Processes 30,000 emails

• Attends over 700 hours of meetings

• Struggles to find 5,000 digital documents.


Becoming more productive means, in part, managing time better. Traditional time management techniques simply fall short in today’s tech-driven world. What may have worked before can’t keep up with the non-stop, 24/7 avalanche of digital information.

Fixing these broken processes helps employees regain and repurpose at least 15 lost business days annually.


Download PDF> Novartis Case Study: Get Control of Time Management

From Our Clients

"To me it was one of the best training workshops that I had ever put together even for myself, and I’m pretty good at what I do. I was astounded. We polled every single person who attended those training workshops and to a person, they rated it 6 out of 1 of 6, as outstanding. They would change nothing that they did before. They would change nothing about the content.  Every single one had at least two things that they were going to apply immediately. The e-mails came to my office afterwords and to their senior VPs thanking them for the experience.  They really came away feeling that this organization made an investment in them. And that's something you can’t buy.”

-Joanne DeRosa


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