Why Do They Buy?


Winning requires launching and executing successive growth strategies. Strategic intent centers on the pursuit of growth – not fear of failure.


Selling is all about influence.

Whitewater Group offers workshops designed to help salespeople develop trusting and influential customer relationships – to differentiate themselves by
 the way they do business.

A customer is influenced by the salesperson’s ability to add value
 and the quality of their relationship with the customer.


How does a sales person truly add value?

• By understanding what value is to the customer - in all its forms.

• By combining expertise and experience with deep and authentic curiosity about the
 customer and the challenges.

• By focusing discovery on the customer’s full solution to
 their problem – not just on the product.

• And by understanding that adding that value helps to create a relationship characterized by two things – trust and influence.


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From Our Clients

"Our product selling cycle is complex and often involves many decision makers. Mike and his team of talented sales professionals immersed themselves in our business; they customized their programs to make them extremely relevant to our business model. The training - both in sales and negotiation - really paid off. Our seasoned sales managers and reps gave a big thumbs up.  Time well spent, with an amazing ROI."

- Larry Bushey

Group Manager, Sales Operations
Beckman Coulter, Inc.

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